About Us

Patience and common sense. The successful track record of Michael R. Wattis, Inc. over the past 20+ years proves that private investment in properly researched and executed real estate development can indeed be prudent and profitable, in good times and in bad. Good projects and good investments don’t just happen – they are the result of careful selection and skillful management. To be selected, a Wattis project must steadfastly meet certain criteria. These criteria are never compromised in order to “make a deal work.” Wattis adheres to them because they have generated successful projects time and again, helping his partners see real estate as one of the surest investments they can make.

Relationships. Mike Wattis has earned the highest respect among professionals with whom he has worked for his integrity, his ability to orchestrate a successful team, and his straightforward, honest approach to business. Over the years he has attentively nurtured business relationships with a network of principals in real estate and related disciplines. These positive, long-term relationships have led to the numerous and diverse opportunities you’ll find on this site, and will lead to future projects yet to be identified.

Community Pride. Mike raised his family and makes his home in Tucson, a place he treasures. The projects he chooses are a reflection of his desire to serve his community well and leave Tucson a better place. As a result, the buildings Mike and his team have developed over the years are noted for their high quality and for contributing real value to the community. Investors have been pleased with their returns, while end-users have been pleasantly surprised at how well Mike listens to their needs and follows through on his promises. Looking forward, Mike remains committed to engaging in and executing real estate developments which are profitable, useful, and of value, not only to investors, but also to clients and the community at large.

Criteria for Investment Success

  • High quality development standards that include overall integrity and community benefit
  • Definitive parameters for manageable risk
  • Specific parameters for return of investment

Development Process

Mike Wattis is accountable for managing the development process to the ultimate satisfaction of all parties concerned. He has fine tuned a “formula for success” that applies to every project he undertakes. This process includes the following steps:

  • Selection of a reliable team of real estate, architecture and engineering professionals, along with a general contractor, all of whom complement the knowledge and expertise of Michael R. Wattis, Inc.
  • Definition of roles within the team to accomplish project goals
  • Clarification of the expectations of all concerned parties
  • Establishment of strict standards for project development to meet the needs of clients, tenants, and investors
  • Development of realistic budgets and timelines for the project
  • Timely communication of all project related details to project team and all concerned parties

Simple as it sounds, this “back to basics” approach consistently allows Michael R. Wattis Inc. to produce results that exceed the expectations of his clients and investors alike.